Article on photo exhibit by Tony Hoare, Betrayed. Portraits of Strength. The portraits are of human trafficking survivors from Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, and Mexico. The article was published by Royal Roads University’s CrossRoads online magazine.

Blog Post on Child Protection in Development on Unaccompanied Minors fleeing Central America

Past blog

Topics range from motherhood to FIPA, the Green Revolution in India, mercenaries in Iraq, social movements in Chile, gender issues, climate change, energy, Darfur,

Master’s thesis: Not in My Backyard.The Discourse and Practice of Hydroelectric Mega Projects in Chile. Case Study: Ralco. MA Thesis in Latin America Studies at the Centre of Documentation and Research in Latin America, Amsterdam.

Bachelor’s thesis: When the Ill is Pimped as the Cure. An anthropological critique of sustainable development ideologies as applied to the amazon rainforest. Bachelor of Science thesis in Social Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam.

Writing & Editing:

Deconstruction and Re-Construction of Livelihoods in Latin America: Top-Down Challenges and People’s Initiatives. A collection of essays on sustainable development in Latin America. In collaboration with Abdelwahab Elbahri, Nicole Steuer, Prof. Dr. Annelies Zoomers and the Centre of Documentation and Research in Latin America, Amsterdam.

Essay: Ecotourism is an Oxymoron. Sustainable Tourism as Alternative? The Case of Costa Rica.

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