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The best way that we know how

I hear first peoples talking about doing things “in a good way”. I am increasingly understanding the depth of this expression. The fact is, we have known for a long time that we have not been doing things “in a good way”.  Knowing this in the core of our souls while actively denying this through our collective actions spurred by individualist materialism engrained in us for the course of industrial development, leaves us in a state of crisis. This societal crisis is exemplified by multiple and compounding crises in mental health, addictions, poverty, violence, war, refugees, homelessness and climate change. Not to mention the raving lunatic at the helm of the Titanic down south. As a society and culture, thanks to a century of “progress” driving us full speed ahead into these multiple train wrecks, eyes wide open, here we are, hitting rock bottom. This is a grand opportunity for our collective growth, to find beauty in the irony of our distorted realities such as watching our forests burn down while we BBQ meats to celebrate 150 years of colonization. We have the chance to do something absolutely beautiful to turn this all around, to do things in the best way that we know how, right now. We need to reach back in time for the solutions that our ancestors already knew and bring them into the modern age, and leave a sustainable legacy for future generations. We need to do this now. It will be radical, and people will resist, but our grandchildren and their grandchildren will be grateful that we shifted the tide before it was too late. If we are truly to embody reconciliation, or decolonization, and the principles of one planet living, we are to prioritize our First Peoples wishes first and foremost. Giving them space to be the true stewards of the lands, the culture, the social practice, as they always did before colonization. They are the leaders of tomorrow and it is time that we give them room at the helm of the ship. It is time for us to bow out and take our place in the wings, the supporting cast, the backstage crew. We will be at the ready to make their dreams a reality, but we must make their dreams the ones that count.

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